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Additional Information

Mission  The Edina Singing Seniors provides an opportunity for senior citizens who love music to share that love with other senior audiences who do not have ready access to live, interactive musical entertainment.

Music  The group has four different programs: "Yesterday's Hits,"  "Love Songs,"  "Patriotic Songs" and "Holiday Songs."

Gigs and gig sites  The group emphazises a "sing along with us" format that easily engages its audiences to do just that.  The Singers perform at a variety of senior citizen sites - reaching almost 2,000 people each year - mostly located in the southwest metro area.  Most all performances are scheduled in the early afternoon and last 45 minutes to one hour.

Rehearsals  The group practices on Mondays, 11:30 - 1:30, September to May at the Edina Senior Center which is located on the lower level of the Edina Public Library building.

Membership  The group is made up of people age 55 and older who simply love to sing.  Auditions are not held, but most  members have had experience in singing in one format or another.  Rather, we ask that you are willing to make a commitment to get to as many practices and gigs as possible during the season.

Donations  -  Donations are always very gratefully accepted!  Just go to the Edina Community Foundation site at

edinacommunityfoundation.org  and go to contributions, scroll down to donate now and click on our logo.